The Center’s affiliate faculty and student fellows are working on a handful of reform-focused research projects. One focuses on trends in police funding—relative to department size, crime rates and other salient variables—over time. Another, in partnership with the Insurance Law Center, examines the influence of liability insurance as a mechanism of police reform. A third explores progressive uses of artificial intelligence in criminal justice. And a fourth examines the impact of police encounters in schools, focusing on how to mitigate their harmful effects.


The Center aims to facilitate the development of innovative curriculum that reflects the realities of criminal justice today. In addition to refining and expanding the courses available to JD and LLM students, we are exploring avenues for reaching a broader set of populations, including non-law students and mid-career professionals.

Community Engagement

Real and lasting change must take place outside the university walls—engagement with the broader community, especially in the Hartford area, is one of the Center’s primary goals. The Center is in the process of building relationships with a wide variety of community organizations working on police reform, and we certainly welcome your input!

If you are interested in collaborating with the CCSPI or becoming a community partner, please get in touch at